Whether it is your birthday, a wedding or whatever milestone you’re celebrating…give yourself a reason to get dolled up, dressed up and step onto your own set!


Get dolled up, dressed up and step into your own photo shoot!  First, we’ll guide you through a Make Up Lesson with one of the themes of your choice (which you can check out below).   Then you’ll get dressed up and walk ‘on set’ to your own professional photo shoot!  After the party, you will receive all your best shots! We will provide all the makeup to be used for the lesson and you can feel free to bring your own makeup bag too.


Saturday & Sunday: 12PM – 9PM


~5 hours


Starts at $350 for 4 people
+$50 for each additional person (up to 8)

**A deposit of $250 is due upon booking. You can cancel up to one month before Party date and your deposit will be refunded. Cancellations within one month of Party Date will not receive refund on deposit.**

  • We will provide all the makeup to be used for the lesson, but you’re welcome to bring your own makeup bag too.
  • Your and your friends are welcome to bring beer, wine (no hard liquor please), and ice.  We will provide water, coffee, wine glasses and cups.  Please drink responsibly.
  • You’re also welcome to bring food or a snack but will be responsible for utensils, plates, napkins, etc.
  • We will provide all the makeup to be used for the lesson, but you’re welcome to bring your own makeup bag too.
  • Beauty Schooled will provide a set of 10 brushes, tools, testers and sponges.
  • Hygienic supplies: rubbing alcohol, wipes, q-tips, mascara wands, lip wants, sharpeners and hand sanitizer.
  • For refreshments, we will provide water, coffee, wine glasses and cups.
  • All guests will receive a canvas goodie bag containing coupons and samples.
  • After the party, we’ll send you a link with all your best shots!

Party Themes

Party Photo Shoot - Sixties ThemeThe 60’s

From eyebrows and eyeliner all the way to lips and foundation, the 1960s makeup trends made their mark on the beauty industry forever. This decade was about, big eyelashes, matte skin, and subtle lips. We will teach you every step to this classic look and bring out the Twiggy in all of you!

Party Photo Shoot - 70's ThemeThe 70’s

With the advancement of women’s liberation worldwide in this decade, makeup trends ran the gamut. From the “Flower Power” natural look with radiant skin and pale, sheer lips to “Boogie Nights” with smoky eyes, red lips, and shimmering eyeshadow like a disco ball, women of all races left their mark. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to achieve whatever iconic look you like.

Party Photo Shoot - Eighties ThemeThe 80’s

Women came out of the 70s roaring louder than ever and with the rise of feminism taking over the world, makeup in this decade was nothing less than fierce. Eyeliner was thick and sharp, eye shadow was bright and colorful, cheeks were chiseled with bronzer, and lips were bright and bold. We will guide you every step of the way through this intense look because the 80s were nothing less than excessive.

Party Photo Shoot - Nineties ThemeThe 90’s

By the time the 90s rolled around it felt like the world was finally chilling out and so did makeup. Kind of. Brows became super-thin, lips were overdrawn and brick red, the skin on your face was paler than your entire body and eyeshadow was pale blue and opalescent. We promise to teach you everything to this throwback look! Except the pin stripe eyebrows. That trend can stay in the 90s.

Custom Theme

Have a different theme in mind? We can work with you to come up with whatever Look you desire! From Gay Pride to Pretty in Pink and the Prohibition Era, we can make any theme happen! Let us know what you would like to do on our consultation call.