How many people are required for a group BYOB Make Up Lesson?2019-10-04T12:07:47-04:00

Group BYOB Make Up Lessons require at least 4 people.  Less than 4 people will be considered a One on One Make Up Lesson and will be booked accordingly.

What are the age ranges for a Make Up Lesson + Photo Shoot Party?2019-10-04T12:02:26-04:00

This party is for all ages but is typically designed for ages 10 and up and anyone that has taken our Basic Make Up Application Lesson first or has experience putting on makeup.

What are the age ranges for group BYOB Make Up Lessons?2019-10-04T11:59:06-04:00

Ages 10 and up

What if I don’t have everything I am supposed to have in my Make Up Bag for the BYOB Lessons?2019-02-19T15:28:09-05:00

If you are only missing one or two products listed, we will provide you with a tester product to use to complete the look for the lesson. If you need to borrow 3 or more items, you will need to rent a bag from us for $5 for the lesson.

Why do I need to bring my own Mascara to the Lesson?2019-02-21T12:29:01-05:00

Mascara has the shortest lifespan in cosmetics of about 3 to 5 months. If you can’t remember when you last brought your mascara, you need to buy a new one.

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