Become A Sought After Professional Makeup Artist

Like us, you’ve probably noticed that…

  • Traditional cosmetology schools only spend a day or two covering makeup application (and the skills they teach are beyond outdated).

  • In-person makeup classes are expensive, inconvenient and time consuming (making it difficult for busy individuals to pursue their passion).

  • And trying to learn it yourself from the so-called gurus on YouTube… well, it’s just a disaster waiting to happen (IFYKYK).

Luckily, there’s a better solution – one that’s convenient and won’t break the bank!

The Beauty Schooled Advanced Artistry Academy

Our online program for makeup artists is the smart way to build your dream career!  You see, we believe everyone deserves a career they love and are passionate about, and that quality education should be easily accessible.  That’s why we’ve created a virtual makeup school that makes it easy and affordable to hone your craft.

Pre-Enrollment Is Now Open! Limited Spots Available.

(As a thank you for applying, you’ll get exclusive access to your first class for FREE!)