Are your Artists experienced with different Ethnic groups?2019-02-25T17:50:56-05:00

Yes, our Artists are experienced with all different skin types and ethnicities. All artists carry a wide range of makeup products suitable for any situation.

Do you charge extra for events held on Holidays?2019-02-25T17:49:32-05:00

At Beauty Schooled we have a strict work/life balance philosophy and we do not work on major holidays. Please email for a list of specific Holidays we do NOT work on. For some Holidays we charge a 20% surcharge.

Do your Artists also offer Hair Styling Services?2019-02-25T17:51:23-05:00

All of our Artists are certified in makeup application and that is our specialty. Because of this, we do not do hair but have plenty of recommendations for hairstylists that we work with often. In our experience, when you choose two artists that are specialized in their own craft, you will get the best result. When you have a large party getting ready, for example on your Wedding Day, you are going to be on a tight schedule and multiple stylists will be a necessity to ensure everyone gets ready on time.

How far in advance can I book my Bridal Make Up consultation for my wedding?2019-02-28T17:54:15-05:00

We recommend booking your consultation for makeup at least 2 weeks in advance. We’re happy to book it for any time you prefer, however, booking 2 weeks in advance helps us to guarantee the same artist will be available for both your consultation and your wedding day. We also recommend booking your consultation for the morning of your Bridal Shower(If you know it) or Bachelorette Party so you don’t “waste” the Make Up and get a good idea of how long it will last.

How long does the appointment take?2019-02-19T15:31:50-05:00

Special Occasion Make Up Applications usually will take 45 minutes to an hour per service.

I’m getting a spray tan before my event. Should I spray my face as well?2019-02-19T15:32:41-05:00

You can if you’d like, but you definitely don’t have to! Our makeup artists can color match your foundation to the skin tone of your body. Many spray tan products do not agree with makeup, so it’s important to know beforehand that there is a risk that the spray tan will cause your foundation to appear blotchy or discolored in photos.

What if I don’t want a consultation for my makeup for my wedding?2019-02-19T15:34:27-05:00

You are not required to schedule a consultation with an Artist prior to your wedding day, however, we highly recommend doing so. This is your special day! We want you to be totally comfortable with your look before your wedding day. You’ll feel more confident that your Artist knows what you want and can execute your look quickly on your wedding day by having your consultation done beforehand.

What if my Artist is sick or cannot make it on the day of my appointment?2019-02-25T17:50:30-05:00

A major advantage of booking with us, is the support of an extensive team of Artists.  Our promise to you is that we can cover any challenges that may arise on that day.