Are your Artists experienced with different Ethnic groups?2019-02-25T17:50:56-05:00

Yes, our Artists are experienced with all different skin types and ethnicities. All artists carry a wide range of makeup products suitable for any situation.

Do you charge extra for events held on Holidays?2019-02-25T17:49:32-05:00

At Beauty Schooled we have a strict work/life balance philosophy and we do not work on major holidays. Please email for a list of specific Holidays we do NOT work on. For some Holidays we charge a 20% surcharge.

Do your Artists also offer Hair Styling Services?2019-02-25T17:51:23-05:00

All of our Artists are certified in makeup application and that is our specialty. Because of this, we do not do hair but have plenty of recommendations for hairstylists that we work with often. In our experience, when you choose two artists that are specialized in their own craft, you will get the best result. When you have a large party getting ready, for example on your Wedding Day, you are going to be on a tight schedule and multiple stylists will be a necessity to ensure everyone gets ready on time.

What if my Artist is sick or cannot make it on the day of my appointment?2019-02-25T17:50:30-05:00

A major advantage of booking with us, is the support of an extensive team of Artists.  Our promise to you is that we can cover any challenges that may arise on that day.

What is the Travel Fee for your Artists to come to us?2019-09-26T13:29:53-04:00

We charge a $50 flat rate travel fee for anywhere in New Jersey.  This charge doubles out of state. If paid parking is required at the destination this also needs to be included and covered for the Artist. Of course, this is always discussed and where possible included in your quote.

What kind of Make Up products do your Artists use?2019-02-25T17:49:07-05:00

Our Artists do not carry one specific brand of makeup in their kits. Our Artists have tried and tested hundreds of products and choose only the very best for our clients. Our Artists carry everything from MAC, Smashbox, Beautycounter, Laura Mercier, Urban Decay, Stila, and much, much more.

Why are Airbrush Make Up services more expensive?2020-01-30T17:48:32-05:00

In short, Airbrush Make Up is defined as applying makeup to the skin through an airbrush machine that sprays foundation and color onto the skin.   This is very different than the traditional way of applying makeup using brushes, sponges, and tools.   Depending on the air pressure of the machine, you can achieve a lighter to heavier application.  This process not only takes more time to apply, it also takes a lot more time cleaning the machine than it would with traditional brushes.

Why should I hire a Make Up Artist?2019-02-25T17:45:05-05:00

Whatever the special occasion may be, when it comes to event planning there are so many things to worry about. What your makeup will look like, who is going to do it, will it last and various other Beauty related questions should not be one of them. In addition to whatever you may decide to wear, makeup is one of the few things that will live on forever in your pictures from this important day, and it is important that a professional apply that makeup. Our highly trained Artists have experience with various skin types and skin tones and will choose the best products for your specific needs to ensure your makeup lasts all day with minimal touch ups.

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