Artists Certification Program

If you want to learn everything there is to know about being a working, professional Make Up Artist, THIS is the program for you. It was designed to teach you everything you need to know to be a successful Make Up Artist over the course of 10 weeks, meeting twice per week for 8 hours a day. This complete program includes all 10 Workshops (see below) including 8 professional photo shoot days with:

  • Models
  • Guest artist appearances and interviews
  • Job opportunities within the industry
  • Pro card memberships to different makeup brands and beauty suppliers

From the 8 professional photo shoots, you will receive the final images to use for your portfolio including a professional headshot of yourself. This curriculum will take you from beginner to advanced and set you up for success as a professional Make Up Artist by the end of your session.

Curriculum includes:

  • color theory
  • color temperature and lighting
  • the anatomy of the skin
  • skin types and concerns
  • common product formulas
  • ingredients and common allergies
  • skin prep and priming
  • color correcting
  • complexion techniques
  • study of all face shapes
  • eye shapes and placement
  • brow shapes
  • lip shapes

Looks including:

  • “No Makeup/Makeup Look”
  • Classic Look
  • Principle Smokey Eye Technique
  • Editorial
  • Airbrushing
  • Face and Body Painting and more!

In addition to Make Up Artistry, you will also learn how to brand and market yourself and essentials to creating your own Make Up Artistry business. Upon completion of the program, students will have the opportunity to work within Beauty Schooled’s Artist Agency as trainers for Lessons and doing Special Occasion Make Up Applications. See full list of classes below.

Over the course of 10 weeks we will have 12 classes and 8 workshop sessions.


July 6 – September 9, 2021
10AM – 6PM



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Individual Workshop Sessions

Already a certified MUA and could use a refresher? We offer workshops within our Artists Certification Program that you can take individually to sharpen your craft. Each workshop contains advanced make up artistry techniques and a skill practice. You will need to understand the basics of Make Up Artistry to take any of these workshops and some workshops will require pre-work before the class. See full curriculum below. Classes marked with an * are the Individual Workshops offered.


$150 per session

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Class & Workshop Session Schedule

Here you’ll find a tentative schedule of classes for the upcoming season.

*Workshop sessions


Class Title

Tuesday, July 6 Introduction to Program: History of Makeup, Proper Hygiene and Infection Control, Makeup Expiration, Your Makeup Kit, Brushes and Tools, Sourcing Inspiration and Mood Boards
*Thursday, July 8 Foundations of Make Up Artistry: Color Theory, Color Temperature and Lighting, the Instagram Filter
*Tuesday, July 13 The Skin and What Goes on It: Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin, Skin Types and Concerns, Formula’s and Ingredients, Ingredients and Common Allergies
*Thursday, July 15 Face Shape Art: Identifying Undertones, Prep and Prime, Facial Massaging, Color Correcting, 5 Most Common Face Shapes, Basic Foundation, Concealer and Contour Techniques
Tuesday, July 20 The “No Makeup/Makeup” Look Professional Photo Shoot Day
*Thursday, July 22 Brow Shape and Eye Shape and Placement: 5 Most Common Brow Shapes, 6 Most Common Eye Shapes, Eye Placement, Basic Brow and Eye Shadow Techniques
*Tuesday, July 27 Eyeliner Techniques and False Eyelash Application: Review of 6 Most Common Eye Shapes and Eye Placement, Basic and Advanced Eyeliner Techniques, False Eyelash Application, How to Choose the Appropriate Red Lip Color
*Thursday, July 29 Lip Shape and Proper Blush and Bronzer Placement: 4 Most Common Lip Shapes, Basic and Advanced Blush Techniques, Advanced Highlighting and Contouring Techniques
Tuesday, August 3 The Classic Look: Professional Photo Shoot Day, Guest Artist Demonstration and Interview
*Thursday, August 5 The Principle Smokey Eye Technique: Review the 6 Most Common Eye Shapes, Advanced Eye Shadow Techniques, How to Choose the Appropriate Nude Lip Color
Tuesday, August 10 The Smokey Eye Look: Professional Photo Shoot Day, Guest Artist Demonstration and Interview
*Thursday, August 12 The Editorial Look and The Future Trends Project: The Editorial Make Up Artist, Tips for Male Make Up Application, Face Charting, Group Project Focused on Creating a Future Trend Look
Tuesday, August 17 The Future Trends Look: Professional Photo Shoot Day, Guest Artist Demonstration and Interview
*Thursday, August 19 Branding Yourself and Becoming a Business: How to Create a Logo, Business Plan and Website, How to Improve and Promote Oneself on Social Media
Tuesday, August 24 The Ultra Glam Look: Professional Photo Shoot Day, Guest Artist Demonstration and Interview
Thursday, August 26 The Airbrush Make Up Application: How to Use and Care for an Airbrush Machine, How to Cover Tattoos, The Bridal and Boudoir Looks
Tuesday, August 31 The Bridal Look and The Boudoir Look: Professional Photo Shoot Day, Guest Artist Demonstration and Interview
*Thursday, September 2 Face Painting and The Transformations Project: Basic and Advanced Face and Body Painting Techniques, Transforming Your Model into a Black and White Photograph
Tuesday, September 7 The Transformation Project: Professional Photo Shoot Day, Guest Artist Demonstration and Interview
Thursday, September 9 Review and Final Exam Day, Headshots
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